We love vegetables!

The Olive Tree Cafe, Unit 4, The Market Yard, Carrick on Shannon


Vegetarian and Vegan options

We have a wide range of vegetarian and vegan foods and this is your special place where we put them all together so you can see them without having to go through the full menu! Some of the veggie dishes can be vegan by the ommission of one ingredient which we can substitute for something else. Ask us if you are in doubt.

Olive Tree Curry €11.00

One of our most popular dishes. We sell it frozen for takeaway or hot with rice. We serve it with long wholegrain rice, banana and yoghurt (omit the yoghurt for vegan). It is a cashew, puy lentil, vegetable curry on coconut milk.

Veggie Breakfast Bagel 6.50

Great anytime of the day. Two veggie sausages, Avocado, Ballymaloe Relish, Fried Egg

For Vegans we omit the egg and put either hummus or roast veg

Veggie Breakfast Burrito €6.50

Porridge 5

Classic and simple. Either on milk or water. With nuts, fruit, maple syrup.

Soup 5

Always vegan, unless otherwise stated. The bread we generally serve with the soup we make with buttermilk and eggs so if you are vegan we can serve it with the Bloomer toast.

Sandwiches/Wraps 6.95/7.50

Greedy Goat: Creamy mild goats cheese, beetroot, walnut, leaves and roasted cherry tomatoes

Cheesy Cheddar: Mature Cheddar, Olive Tree Slaw, Roast cherry Tomatoes, Red onion Marmalade, Leaves

Vital Veggie (Vegan when on Bloomer toast): Hummus, Avocado, Walnuts, Olives, Red Onion Marmalade, Tomatoes, Rocket

Hummus Wrap: Vegan: Hummus, Roast veg, Avocado, Beetroot, leaves,

Chilli Bean Wrap: Chilli Beans, Yoghurt and Cheese

SuperSalad 9.50

A large salad. Vegan. A mix of our daily salads with roast vegetables, olives, leaves, walnuts, roasted sunflower seeds and optional toppings for 1.50 extra of Hummus, Mature Cheddar or Goats Cheese.

Vegetarian Pies: 6.95

Roast vegetables, Feta cheese, Sundried tomato pesto.

Loaded Baked Potato 9.50

Served with mixed leaves, roast cherry tomatoes and yoghurt (optional).

Plus any three toppings of your choice.....

Vegetarian: Mature Cheddar, Mild creamy Goats Cheese, Olive Tree Slaw

Vegan: Hummus, Chilli Beans, Mediterranean Beetroot, Roast Cherry Tomatoes (full portion), Red Onion Marmalade,

Roast Vegetables.

Moroccan Vegetable Kofta €12.00

Vegan. Kofta made with cashew, apricot and a vegan soy mince. In a lightly spiced coconut based vegetable stew. Served on whole grain rice. Yoghurt optional. 

Nachos 10.50

Cheesy Nacho chips covered with more cheese and lightly spicy chilli beans with creamy yoghurt and sweet red jalapenos.


While desserts are always vegetarian (unless of course you use gelatine to set something) we also have a few vegan options.Please ring to check availability as we sell out of cakes and bars and might not have had a chance to make more. We make all our cakes here in small batches to ensure freshness and quality.

Choice of two Ice Creams..

Vegan: Peaches and Cream made with soya yoghurt and oat cream and also Watermelon Ice which is dairy free and very refreshing. 2.50

Vegan Chocolate Truffle Nut Square: Roast Hazelnut, Cashew, Coconut, Dark Chocolate. 3.50

Vegan Mixed seed and Oat Bars. Sweetened with Banana and Maple syrup. 2.90

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