Catering cakes

Monday to Saturday 10am to 4pm. Coffees and Cakes only from 3.30pm to 4pm.

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Special Cakes for Special Occasions

At least three days notice required. Can be collected during our opening hours 10am to 4pm. 

We have a range of wonderful cakes that will cover any occasion.

Made here in the cafe from only the best and freshest ingredients they will taste amazing and make your guests happy. Our icings are made with real butter, chocolate, icing sugar, cream cheese and orange zest freshly grated from the skin of a real orange to add flavour and pzazz to any cake.

Little disclaimer! Our tartlet bases we buy in and are real butter shortcrust. Really nice and a great base for us to fill with a wide range of wonderful fillings!

Dairy Free and Gluten Free can be catered for. Vegans, check out our vegan cheesecake.


Layer Cake €35

This is the cake we chorus at Mum whenever she asks what cake should she cook for whatever special occasion is coming up.. ‘The Layer Cake!’ 

A layer of roast hazelnut and almond meringue, a layer of rich chocolate buttercream, a layer of fresh cream, repeat and sprinkle chocolate shavings on top. This is a seriously rich cake and a little goes a long way. 34 x 25cm. Serves 15 to 20 people. (naturally gluten free, contains nuts, egg, dairy)


Pineapple Cheesecake €35

This is the best cheesecake ever!, light and lemony with a bite of pineapple through it. Made with cottage cheese and fresh cream and beaten egg whites it almost floats off the plate. 10 inches round and approx 3 deep. Will serve 10 to 12. 10”round. 

(this cheesecake contains gelatin so is not suitable for vegetarians and also uncooked egg white. Can be gluten free when using gluten free biscuits for the base. contains raw egg white, dairy)


Irish Cream and White Chocolate Cheesecake €35

The irish cream perfectly complements the white chocolate for a wonderfully rich experience. Will serve 10 to 12. 10” round. 

 (Can be gluten free. Contains gelatin (not vegetarian), dairy, alchohol)


Baked Orange and White Chocolate Cheesecake €35

New York style baked cheesecake. Rich and creamy. 

(can be gluten free, contains egg, dairy)


Vegan Cheesecake €35

Cheeseless cheesecake! And still delicious. The base is gingernut biscuits with dates and coconut oil and onthe top is a wondeful truffle fudge of chocolate, roast hazelnut and coconut milk. really yummy and very rich. Please specify if you would like it gluten free.

10” round. Serves 10 to 12. 

(Gluten free, Vegan)


Chocolate Roulade €25

A divinely delicious roulade filled with baileys cream and sprinkled with shaved chocolate on top for decoration. Serves 8

(Contains egg, Nuts, dairy, alchohol, naturally gluten free)


Almond Roulade  €25

Almond Roulade filled with fresh cream, petit filous cream cheese and fresh strawberries or raspberries. Serves 8. 

(Egg, nuts, dairy, naturally gluten free)


Meringue €25 

 A meringue base covered with fresh fruit and cream.   Crunchy on the outside and smooth and chewy on the inside and topped with a generous layer of whipped cream and fresh fruit in season. 34 x 25 cm. Serves a generous 8 people. 

(Gluten free, contains egg white, dairy)


Chocolate and Orange Marble Cake 30

Covered in chocolate orange icing, when you cut into this cake you discover the secret; a marbling of chocolate sponge and orange on the inside with another layer of chocolate ganache in the middle. 10 inches round. Serve 8 to 12. 

(Wheat, egg, dairy)


Whisked Sponge with jam, fresh cream and fruit 25

A traditional light sponge filled with fresh whipped cream, raspberry jam and fresh fruit in season. A favourite here in the cafe. 10” round. Serves 8 to 10. 

(Wheat, egg, dairy)


Sachertorte 30

Invented by Franz Sacher in Vienna in the 1880’s. A light rich chocolate cake with a surprise layer of apricot jam and chocolate filling in between two layers of light fluffy chocolate sponge. 10” round. Serves 8 to 12. 

(Wheat, egg, dairy, nuts)


Upside down Banana Caramel cake €25

So we start with a maple syrup and muscovado sugar toffee and pour it into the bottom of the cake tray. We nestle Bananas into this syrup and then pour the cake mixture onto this. At the end we upend it out onto a plate and hey presto wonderful crunchy sugary bits and bananas baked to perfection. At its best served warm with cream. 10” round. Serves 8 to 10.  

(Wheat, egg, dairy, can be Gluten free on request)


Nut Slices €35

Butter shortcake base with a hint of lemon topped with a toffee mix of pecan, cashew and walnuts. 16 squares. 

(Wheat, dairy, nuts, can be gluten free on request)


Tunisian Orange Cake €15

Classic Darina Allen recipe here. Made with the zest of lemons and oranges and then soaked in a spiced citrus syrup made with the juice of said oranges and lemons. Amazing served warm with freshly whipped cream. Simple and delicious. 

(Wheat, egg. Dairy free and can be gluten free on request)


Chocolate Fudge Cake €15

Rich chocolate brownie cake. Crunchy on the outside and sticky on the inside. Serve with cream for chocolate heaven or warmed with Ice Cream. 

(Wheat, egg, dairy. Can be gluten free on request)


Tartlets, 3 each, minimum order 5 of any one type

Tartlet bases are a rich butter shortcake and 11 cm in diameter.

 Lemon Souffle Tarts 

A butter shortbread tart filled with really lemony souffle.


Pecan Tartlets

Perfect for nut lovers! Chewy pecans in a golden syrup


Coconut and Blackcurrant tartlets

Blackcurrant jam on the bottom is the perfect companion to the sweet coconut filling on top. One of our most popular tartlets.


Bakewell Tartlets

Raspberry jam, fragrant frangipane. We can also bake your choice of pear or peach slices into the top of thetartlet.



Classic Banoffee in an individual serving. Finished with chocolate shavings to be totally decadent. 


Dark Chocolate Tarts

Dark chocolate ganache with a choice of roast hazelnuts, orange or just plain for a true chocolate experience.  


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